Welcome to python-ldapserver’s documentation

python-ldapserver is a self-contained pure Python 3 library for implementing special-purpose LDAPv3 servers. It aims for full RFC4510 compliance.

A typical use case is glue code for integrating LDAP clients (e.g. web applications that use LDAP for authentication and user synchonization) with non-LDAP data sources (e.g. HTTP APIs).

The project is in an early stage of development. You can use it to write a fully-functional and stable read-only LDAP server. However, expect significant API changes in future releases. It is versioned according to SemVer. Although it is pre-v1, patch releases are only published for backwards compatible bug fixes.

The source code is available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3. It is hosted at https://git.cccv.de/uffd/python-ldapserver. Releases are also available on PyPI.

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